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Financial Services Cloud

The Financial Services (FS) Cloud encompasses use cases from across the digital financial services landscape. The Cloud enables financial service providers to deliver innovative and reliable solutions in record time, and includes all Agent, Merchant & Insurance Cloud features.

At the core of the product is a ground breaking, real-time transaction engine which powers all financial activity across the Cloud. The engine supports the creation of single or multiple accounts for consumers, merchants and agents leading to the best in platform flexibility and scalability.

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The FS Cloud supports activity across payments, savings, loans and insurance in order for your organisation to meet a variety of customer needs easily and effectively.

It is able to fit seamlessly into any existing or proposed ecosystem by supporting core banking integration, links to card and ATM networks and by also having a dedicated agency module designed to facilitate cash deposits and withdrawals.

Pale Blue Group will also provide the tools to manage the service from a single web location, as well as a range of pre-configured insights as part of our Analytics programme.

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