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Pale Blue Group’s team has extensive experience in designing and building high volume and low cost commercial products, plus we have exclusive access to technology and patents that will allow the capacity of the network to be significantly increased over everything that is currently available.

Our system will be provided at a very attractive cost thanks to our technology’s use of inclined orbit satellites that we can access affordably.

The Fintech service platform is like a supercharged M-Pesa. It is designed for banks and secure services as well as money. Media, health, e-government and education. These services are also supported on the flexible secure digital platform.

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Our solution is adaptable for each specific environment: for example, it can be powered from solar panels/batteries. No technical competence is required to install the system: for example, its auto-tracking capabilities produce automated alignment and make installations easier.

Additionally, we will be able to manufacture several elements of the equipment within the country, thus generating employment and building value locally.

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