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For e-commerce to take off, three things are needed. Easy methods of payment, access available to everyone and a trusted, trackable parcel delivery network. Pale Blue Group has been developed to enable all of these and more.

Pale Blue can help support regional e-commerce ventures (such as Symbios and HomeShopping in Pakistan) to grow to reach their potential, as well as enable international companies such as Amazon, Flipkart and Ebay to enter the market at the appropriate time.

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E-commerce can provide a lifeline to traditional industries and community centres, providing not only easy access to goods and services to individuals but also new revenue streams and community services for centres such as schools, post offices, health centres and local governments.

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Offering connectivity where it has not been financially viable before, and coupling this with a secure digital services platform, Pale Blue Group’s products are relevant to...

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Mobile Money

The mobile money market is a prime area of focus for Pale Blue Group as it serves an area of enormous need and commercial potential for emerging economies...

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Digital Services

The Pale Blue Group platform and hardware can support multiple digital services, particularly lending itself to services that require a secure system...

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There is huge, unmet, global demand for broadband that is scalable and affordable everywhere. Making basic connectivity free is an option through coupling...

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