& financial

Pale Blue Group combines connectivity with financial technology to enable free basic services and very low cost secure digital services to everyone, everywhere.

Inspired by the “pale blue dot”, an image of earth from deep space, Pale Blue Group’s technology and services are designed to be useful and accessible to all the 7+ billion people that live here

“Silicon Valley Thinking” is less appropriate for developing country infrastructure. The usual tech sector approach is to aim for far higher bandwidth than necessary, feasible or affordable. The resulting products and services tend to show little understanding of immediate needs, appropriate price-points or how to fulfil the opportunity.

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A single
& digital service

Pale Blue Group takes a different approach. We use proprietary and existing technologies to make connectivity as efficient and effective as possible, delivering radical reductions in all areas of cost whilst improving performance. By combining this with secure financial and data services, Pale Blue Group is able to provide a single communications and digital service that reduces cost and ensures all requirements can be delivered by a single installation.

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Offering connectivity where it has not been financially viable before, and coupling this with a secure digital services platform, Pale Blue Group’s products are relevant to...

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Mobile Money

The mobile money market is a prime area of focus for Pale Blue Group as it serves an area of enormous need and commercial potential for emerging economies...

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Digital Services

The Pale Blue Group platform and hardware can support multiple digital services, particularly lending itself to services that require a secure system...

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There is huge, unmet, global demand for broadband that is scalable and affordable everywhere. Making basic connectivity free is an option through coupling...

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